New Year Post

Who am I?

I am getting up. I look at my reflection in the mirror.

Who am I seeing? Who am I?

New Year is coming. People make wishes, make plans and believe in a better future. But who will embody these desires and plans? Maybe Santa Claus? Many adults have ceased to believe in him, something that he does not work well. Or maybe they stop believing in themselves?

Let's discuss our desires.

They are external and aimed at themselves:

• the car,

• things

• money

• medals and titles,

• more followers for more popularity and earnings,

• my success

or internal and directed outward:

• give people a cool dance,

• thanks to my victory, many children from the regions will think that nothing is impossible,

• develop the potential of my students,

• develop the potential of many people around me: in my city, country, world

• through creativity to talk about things that are important to me,

• through blogs, Instagram, etc. to carry ideas that I believe in and am ready to share with others,

• success of the projects of our team.

Both are important. The main thing is to be honest with yourself and be aware of the difference.

In my opinion, the realization of desire, plans must be given time and space. And here is the question of PRIORITIES.

Understand - WHAT is really important to me, What is my Priority! Priority needs to be given priority time.

The heroine of one great movie always started dinner with dessert. When everybody asked her about this, she always answered that dessert was the most delicious for her and either didn’t reach him at all or you’ve already eaten and get a little pleasure. And she began with her PRIORITY.

What is your priority?

• Creativity, good physical shape, technical skill, improvisation, interaction, dynamics, aesthetics, drive, cool lessons?

• Practice, participate in workshops, compete, perform, dance shows?

• Result, process, recognition, self-realization, honesty in creativity, compromises?

What do you truly love ?!

Follow the interest - it will give you energy, flow, motivation.

You have selected a priority. It's time to clearly articulate the GOAL.

What exactly do I want to achieve? And, very importantly, the deadline! How much time do you have? Set tasks and time limits.

The goal is defined. The next step is REALITY.

What do you have now?

Reality is your starting point. From this place the Way to the realization of desires begins. Reality must be treated pragmatically, without emotions. It is a given. Fact.

Further different roads will open before you - OPPORTUNITIES.

The path can be traveled by different roads. Not always the shortest way - the best way. Search, think, try. It is not always so important which roud to choose if you have a lot of doubts. Just make a decision. As soon as you accept it, it is Faithful.

And the last point. START ACTING!

The goal is clear, reality is defined, the path is outlined. It's time to take the first step.

Remember - Priority needs the best Time and Place. This is your life and your Desires.

I am getting up. I look at my reflection in the mirror. Who am I seeing? Who am I?

I am a person who fulfills the craziest desires.

I am Santa Claus! And I Exist!

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