Lessons of the New Time

Обновлено: 10 июн. 2020 г.

Three months of isolation. What they showed me and what they shed light on. I will discuss a little about this unique time.

Information Time

One of the important components of social and geographical differences in the world of dance was access to information. Dancers with better financial standing, living in dance capitals, could receive incomparably more information than a dancer in the provinces, of middle income. And suddenly, an incredible amount of quality content from the best world experts appears on the Internet. Access to work with almost any teacher not only became possible, but also absolutely available. After that, the Stars began to unite and conduct amazing workshops, training camps, online groups, lectures, and lessons. You can start your morning studying in Australia, continue in Moscow and end of the day in New York. And all this at affordable prices, without leaving your home. I am sure that dancers and teachers got an unprecedented opportunity to develop and answer many questions. The social differences have never been so insignificant.

Where are the politicians?

I, of course, about dance politicians. That's where all the masks are removed and you can see who is who. They start to be invisible in open internet space. Waiting in the wings? A week before the first competition? Wait a long time. But, how wonderful that the game “couple-came-for-knowledge” can no longer be played. During these months, the dancers saw and still will see whom to go for knowledge, and to whom for ... more options to choose from. I hope that the influence of these people, whom the masks will not help much now, will begin to shift from the desire to manipulate people to at least a small desire to do something for these people. Dreams? I know.

Leader Time

This time highlighted people who could lead, give support, motivation. Bright leaders of the new time. I really like to see how these people share ideas, their own physical training systems (one page of Kristina Moshenskaya, which is worth it), mental training (go to the Instagram of Novak Djokovic and his TheSelfMasteryProject), online broadcasts with very interesting people. And this is in all types of art, sports, business. I hope these leaders seriously and for a long time. They are needed by a changing world. These people do not whine when everything will return to normal, but move forward and lead, every day, step by step.

Time to feel the time
The pace of life "squirrel in a wheel" is the most common in sports dancing. People are proud that they sleep for 3-4 hours (not the ability to recover), lay out stories with coffee-to-go (lack of good quality food), they are burdened to spend every weekend at the same, often meaningless tournaments. Time is not nostalgic about what we lost, but how not to return to where we were. Time to understand that reading is not two weeks on vacation, but a necessity. With good nutrition and sleep is the path to a longer, healthier, and happier life. That learning and development is the norm, not the obligation to attend congresses. Time is learning how to live.

Intrinsic Motivation Time

Of course, people who focus solely on external motivation (results, medals, points) are deprived of the motivation to dance. There is no longer reason for them to do this. Why so much effort if the “carrot” is taken away? And this is a question for dancers, teachers, parents: if you have lost the desire to train, then this is not due to the lack of competition. The reason is much deeper.

In 1985 E.Desi and R.Ryan came up with the theory of self-determination, which formed the understanding of what intrinsic motivation is. It is based on the "three pillars":

- Autonomy

- Competence

- Relatedness

 A man himself makes a decision, seeks to become a master in this and directs this skill to the outside. So, dancers and educators with developed intrinsic motivation miss the opportunity to perform, share their dance with the audience, but this only encourages them to come out changed, more cool than they were.

Time to be

This time also showed us that I not only have to do something, but I can just be. Listen, Observe, Realize. This unique time will soon become history. What we will become up to us.

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