I'm Different!

Or how to find your personality in the dance world.

"Listen, Mister, the world is not a supermarket, and life is not a store"

Evgeniy Grishkovets Introduction "You're not a supermarket, Roman!" Max said. "If I want to recommend you to someone, I must understand exactly what you are a real Master. For what reason, a student must understand that he was looking for you for so long." This lesson with great Maximiliaan Winkelhuis I can call one of the turning points in my career. I had to admit to myself - yes, I am a Supermarket in the nearest yard. Convenient, economical, in which there are many things a dancer needs: technique, mechanics, artistry, body development, staging of variations (yes yes variations, not choreography). In general, in it, in my supermarket, you could buy everything you need and at an affordable price. Well, realizing the problem is the first step towards who I want to become. Dance is a space where there is enough space for everyone. Our task, looking around, to understand, where is my place here?

First thought What exactly makes me different from others? More often than not, we choose what we do best. But, I am sure that you need to choose what you are most interested in, passion for. Because the question is not only and not so much what I already have, but what I want to become, where I aspire.

Follow the interest!

If you have a passion for the subject, you will dive headlong into learning, self-development, analysis. Why? Because you like it! There are excellent books by authors such as Josh Waitzkin, Carol Dweck, Anders Erickson dedicated to learning effectively. Well, and a simple thought, learn from the best, not from the good but the very best who you can afford, this is the best investment in yourself!

Second thought Look wide, dig deep. You might be thinking: who needs my depth? In my city, club, studio there are no special ambitions, money, parents are not ready to invest. Why do I need depth?

Now imagine ...

Not far from the village, in the forest, lives a wise witch/enchantress/ sorceress (you can underline the necessary). When you enter her house, she sits near the wall, and behind her back she has a variety of jars, apparently invisibly. And now you come to her with a problem, and she will drip three drops from one jar, one from another, mix it and the healing potion is ready! Wherever you live, whoever surrounds you, if your knowledge in your field is vast and deep - this makes you necessary for people and they are ready for this ... but don’t be afraid, pay!

Third thought Tell people about your skill. But not just - a dancer, coach, choreographer, but really tell who you are, how you came, what you went through, what is your professional value. Your today's and tomorrow's students need to know why they are coming to you and why to you. If you are a dancer, let people get behind the scenes, share the training process, preparation, rituals. And necessarily with doubts, thoughts, inspirations.

At the end Supermarkets in the yard are of course essential. I am grateful that they are there - they are comfortable and convenient. But if you are such a supermarket - make it your conscious choice! Create a wide and high-quality assortment, tell all your neighbors about yourself. And probably there will be a lot of your dance studios- supermarkets in your city, and maybe in other cities.

Isn't this a wonderful difference from others? Isn't this a differentiating idea?!

Acknowledgments: Max for the lesson, Yana for the story with the witch, for you that we have read to the end.

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