Dance: How I move or how I look?

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Dance: How I move or how I look?

For me, today's trend in sport dance world is often built around form, design, image. But what is the purpose of this? Show mastery or hide something?

Many young dancers, and often their teachers, are busy with the question: how do I look? Strive for form and beauty. I think this is a fundamental mistake. Good and best dancers, first of all, possess their mastery, their movement, in which fundamental principles are laid. They move great and therefore look great! Indeed, we consider organic, logical, aesthetic, sensual, emotional movement more than beautiful, it will inspire us.

Good qualitative movement, skills, a long and often “boring” process. A ballet bench, a parterre of modern dance is also not entertainment, but without them it is impossible to imagine a professional dancer. And here the question of investing or spending time, energy and money is appropriate.

The dancer, parent, coach fanatically strive for the result! Not to the desire to dance well, but to the desire to dance and look better than someone. Spend a lot of time, energy and of course money in another admission that I can do something. Sophisticated choreography, expensive costumes, hairstyles, lots of “political” lessons. And all this to show how I look? Or that I look better than others? Parents are driven by ambition (my child is better than others); fear of the trainer that “my couple” after a couple of defeats will already begin to represent another trainer, a dancer, the lack of faith and love for their work. Lots of options ...

I am for investment! Invest your time in the fundamentals, train your body to move correctly, cleanly, ecologically. Invest in smart, deep educators who build your dance carefully, step by step, developing you, not squeezing. Invest your energy in a positive way, in the pleasure of the process, from interacting with a partner, from dancing. And not in the endless proof of his ability to be no worse than others. Strive to create an atmosphere of self-development and your mastery. Look at the Best - they do it!

No matter how much you have a resource, if you constantly spend it, you always remain unsatisfied, you are afraid to be compared, other people and their opinions have power over you. A constant race, without the ability to stop, think, change something other than new steps and even more incomprehensible rhythms.

But if you invest, then these investments work for you. Knowledge, technic, partnering skills - form your foundation. Understanding your timing (when?), The accuracy of directions (where?), Making decision (what am I doing?) - give the Choreography Structure. Awareness of HOW to dance provides endless space for growth. Real strength and confidence in your Actions appears in you!

“If you have a Christmas tree, you can always hang toys, but what if there are no Christmas tree?” - Said the Great Teacher.

Maybe next time when you will stretch your foot as much as possible you will think how will it affect to the balance? Trying to actively lead your partner, you’ll think, what is her timing, what part of my body can I lead her to? Looking at the “handsome self” in the mirror, I see the whole 3-D picture or just a flat display? Am I really with my partner at this moment?

Ask yourself the right questions and you can get the right answers.

Think about it.

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