Better version of myself

The cult of work - this is how I would characterize the image of a successful teacher in the dance world. Do not have a normal sleep, work 12 hours or more, one day off for the last couple of months, caffeine from morning to evening, lack of normal high-quality food, not to mention a calm, specially allocated time for it. Lack of time for yourself, closing and loving people, for silence.

For what?

Money, ambition, a crazy desaturated need to be needed and in demand, fear of falling out of the "clip", or maybe just a habit and lack of awareness?

Let's take a closer look at this issue. One of the leading world psychologists, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, claims that a person receives a state of maximum happiness and satisfaction not lying on the sand or sofa, but at the time of maximum enthusiasm for the process, especially creativity. This condition is called Flow. It is unlikely that we can feel and experience the state of the flow during chronic fatigue, irritation and stress. If we evaluate the level of our work on a 10-point scale, then if we want to work for the "top ten", we need to recover and rest by 10 points.

Think about under what conditions you work at your maximum?

How can you influence the creation of optimal conditions?

And then think, what gives you the best rest and recovery?

Answering these questions, you will be able to better understand and realize your priorities, create a recipe for the “best version of yourself”. Give yourself time to recover, an essential part of this process. After all, if you really love what you are doing and want to do it for a long time, well and enjoy your work, you need to be in optimal condition. And this is a balance of rest and work.

I suggest you create your shortlist:

  • What conditions do I need for my "best job".

  • What is my ideal rest

And, probably, you will not have to look forward to your vacation the next time and then return sadly to “real life”. When working, strive to create optimal conditions around you. Rest and recover often and understanding the importance and necessity of this.

My shortlist

The conditions for my optimal work in the hall:

  • My optimal physical, mental and emotional state

  • No external distractions (calls, messages, social networks)

  • Room temperature

  • Atmosphere (respectful attitude to each other, not loud music, cozy light, lack of extra people)

  • Motivated students

  • Sufficiency of time

My optimal rest:

  • Time for myself

  • Reading the book

  • Sleep

  • Rest at nature

  • Walking 

  • Music (the time when I just sit and listen to vinyl records)

  • Thermal centre, spa, pool

  • Time with family

  • A good movie or series

  • Going to the cinema on a weekday morning

  • Theatre

  • Communication with interesting people and friends

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